• Formthotics™ Cycle Single Firm (density) Black

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    Formthotics™ Cycle Single Firm (density) Black

    New Formthotics™ model specifically designed for cyclists and exclusively available to medical professionals

    • An exclusive performance model for the competitive cyclist using firm density Formax™ foam for firm support
    • Shaped specifically to fit into a cycle shoe
    • Less time is spent adjusting and grinding
    • Lightweight and durable

    Cycling isn’t running or walking, it is not a forward sagittal plane propulsion, it is a different type of foot motion. There are different biomechanics, kinematics, forces and function demanded during cycling. Foot Science International have developed a Formthotics™ Medical range exclusive, specialist elite performance model that is optimised for cycling, providing better fit and function. They are designed for the cyclist who wears cycle specific shoes rather than running shoes while cycling.