• TheraPulley Shoulder & Multi Angle Rehab Pulley System

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    Designed by physical therapist Yousef Ghandour, TheraPulley® kit is a comprehensive exercise system providing low friction movement exercise with weights up to 20 pounds. The ability to adjust the pulley angles by the hinge side allows direct the resistance of each exercise from top to the bottom of the door allowing optimal specific exercises.
    One can use household items and /or progressive weights to allow for specific reproducible and constant resistance throughout the Range of Motion (ROM) exercises to the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, spine, hip, knee and ankle. Controlling the resistance as well as the angle of the exercises promotes easy, healthy and logical progression from Coordination, endurance, and strength training into functional mobility. It is excellent for those aiming to recover quickly from sprains, strains or surgery. The featured multi-purpose strap (MPS100) system, says it all.  Its diverse application can also be used for neck, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle exercises.
     The portable “gym in a bag” system is ideal for use at home and traveling on the road. All pieces pack up into a carrying bag for transport. TheraPulley® attach easily to standard and industrial doorframes.
    System includes:
    ·        2 customized swivel ball bearing Q-pulleys
    ·        1 steel bracket that adjusts to fit most doors
    ·        1 non-slip, web strap with door guard to anchor pulley
    ·        1 padded and adjustable multi-purpose strap
    ·        1 durable nylon weight bag that can be used with regular weights and/or household objects (weights not included)
    ·        1 ergonomic, neoprene padded handle
    ·        1 sturdy, custom-braided 16’ support rope
    ·  2 rope tensioners to adjust the rope length