• Stonehaven Medical Balance 2-sec Sienna

    $1,875.00 $1,525.00

    Stonehaven Medical Balance 2-sec Sienna

    Designed for the more economically conscious budget, while retaining all the superior benefits and features of our hi/low tables.  Built with a heavy duty metal steel frame and high quality actuator, the Sienna 2 Section has a weight capacity of 500 lbs (227 kgs). 
    Standard features include elongated breathing hole with a cushioned face plug.  It is designed with a patient lift accessibility frame for maximizing the ease of patient transfer and is ADA Compliant, with a minimum height of 18” (45 cm) and a maximum height of 36” (91 cm).  Hands free, foot operated up/down levers (4) adjust the table’s height. Cushions feature 2” foam.
    • Gas Struts, hand lever activated, providing smooth adjustment at moveable top sections;
    • Cushion width of 28” (71 cm) x length of 76”
    • Dual foot lever retractable heavy-duty hospital grade casters (4);
    • ADA Compliant (See or tax consultant for tax purchasing credit incentives);
    • Frame designed for patient assisted lift accessibility, for ease of patient transfer;
    • 2" Cushions secured to the heavy-duty metal frame with an integral T-Nut Bolt assembly; and
    • Hands free, foot operated up/down elevation levers (4).