Formthotics Low Profile Dual Density (Green/Green)

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 Formthotics Low Profile Dual Green/Green

Low Profile Dual Medium Formthotics™ are full length orthotics designed with a low arch profile.  The Low Profile shape is best suited to patients with an average arch who do not require specific arch support for abnormal pronation. The medium Formax™ Dual foam consists of a medium hardness base with a softer top layer for cushioning and comfort without compromising stability or functional control.  Ready to fit, lightweight and flexible Orthotics that can be heat-molded to provide a customized fit for greater comfort. Made from 100% closed cell polyurethane, keeping a uniform density throughout the insole, regardless of the thickness.

Milled and ground to only 2mm depth in forefoot to avoid bulking up in the shoe.

Contains Ultrafresh™, an effective antibacterial and anti-fungal agent. Will not absorb sweat or harbor bacteria.

Will keep its unique personal molded shape until it is re-heated.

Can be heated in the shoes with a blow-dryer in about 6 minutes.

Forefoot may be trimmed to fit shoe sizes that fall ' in-between' , or hard to fit shoes.

Available in six sizes:


XS   (Women's 5.5-7)

SM   (Women's 7.5-9) (Men's 6.5-7.5)

MED (Women's 9.5-10.5) (Men's 8-9)

LG    (Women's 11-12) ( Men's 9.5-10.5)

XLG  (Men's 11-12.5)

XXL  (Men's 13-15)